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Watering Your Lawn While on Vacation

Posted on 2023-04-13 17:06:27 by iNF
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Watering Your Lawn While on Vacation

When planning a vacation, it's important to make sure your lawn is properly cared for while you're away. If you don't have a plan in place, you could come back to a dry, brown lawn. Follow these simple tips to ensure your lawn stays green and healthy during your absence.

Set Up a Sprinkler System

One of the easiest ways to water your lawn while on vacation is to set up a sprinkler system. There are several different types of systems available, from basic timers to more advanced systems that can be programmed from your phone. Be sure to set your system to water your lawn during the early morning or late evening hours to prevent evaporation and water waste.

Install a Drip Irrigation System

If you're looking for a more efficient watering system, consider installing a drip irrigation system. Drip systems deliver water directly to the roots of your plants, which results in less water waste and healthier plants. These systems can be set up to water your lawn automatically, making them a great option for vacation watering.

Ask a Friend or Neighbor for Help

If you have a friend or neighbor who would be willing to help, ask them to keep an eye on your lawn while you're away. Give them specific instructions on how much and how often to water your lawn, and leave any necessary tools or equipment they might need. Be sure to thank them when you return!

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