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The Best Time of Day to Clean Your Pool

Posted on 2023-04-13 12:59:14 by iNF
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The Best Time of Day to Clean Your Pool

Maintaining a clean pool is essential for both the safety and enjoyment of swimmers. However, finding the best time to clean your pool may vary depending on your schedule and location. This guide will help you determine the optimal time of day to clean your pool for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Cleaning your pool in the morning is often the most recommended time. During this time, the water is usually calm and there is less debris entering the pool. This makes cleaning faster and more effective, as you can easily see and remove any debris or algae that has collected overnight. Additionally, the morning sun can help evaporate any remaining water, reducing the chance of slipping, and reducing unwanted water in the pool.


If cleaning your pool in the morning is not possible, afternoon is the next best option. Afternoon is a favorable time for cleaning because the sun has had enough time to warm up the water, which can help dissolve and remove any pool chemicals you add. However, take note that in the afternoon, the sun can create glare, making it difficult to see dirt and debris. Use a leaf skimmer to remove large debris, and a pool brush or vacuum to clean smaller particles.


Cleaning pool in the evening is generally not recommended, but it is acceptable as a last resort. The downside of cleaning your pool in the evening is that debris will continue to accumulate overnight, making the following morning's cleaning more laborious. If you choose to clean your pool in the evening, remember to check that the chemicals are well distributed before swimming the following day.

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