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How to Cover Up Hair Loss with Makeup

Posted on 2023-04-13 17:06:17 by iNF
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How to Cover Up Hair Loss with Makeup

Hair loss can be a sensitive topic for many people, but with the right makeup techniques, you can conceal thinning areas or bald patches and boost your confidence. In this article, we will go through step-by-step instructions and provide some product recommendations to help you achieve the best results.

Choose the Right Products

The first step to covering up hair loss with makeup is choosing the right products. Look for a concealer that matches your skin tone and has a matte or slightly dewy finish. Choose a brush with flat, dense bristles that will help you achieve even coverage.

Prep Your Skin

Prep your skin by cleansing and moisturizing it. Apply a primer to help the makeup last longer and to prevent it from sliding off your scalp. Once the primer has sunk in, apply a thin layer of the concealer to the bald patches or thinning areas. Use the brush to blend it in seamlessly with your skin.

Apply the Makeup

Apply foundation to your entire face, including your scalp if necessary. Use a Beautyblender or a sponge to dab the foundation in place so that it looks natural. Apply a second layer of concealer to any areas that still need coverage. Keep blending until there aren't any harsh lines.

Finish with Setting Spray

Finish your makeup with a setting spray that will keep the makeup in place throughout the day. Choose a setting spray that is designed for oily skin to prevent the makeup from slipping off your scalp. Once the spray has dried, you're ready to rock your new, confidence-boosting look!

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