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How to Backwash Your Pool

Posted on 2023-04-13 12:59:14 by iNF
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How to Backwash Your Pool

As a pool owner, it is essential to understand the importance of backwashing your pool. Backwashing helps remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants from your pool's filter, ensuring that your water stays clean and safe for swimming.

Step 1: Turn off the Pool Pump

The first step in backwashing your pool is to turn off the pool pump. This will prevent any damage to the system and ensure that you can backwash safely.

Step 2: Set the Multiport Valve to Backwash

Next, you need to set the multiport valve to backwash. This will direct the flow of water through the filter backwards, loosening up any debris and dirt that has accumulated.

Step 3: Turn on the Pool Pump

Now is the time to turn your pool pump back on. Allow it to run until the sight glass on the valve becomes clear. This may take several minutes.

Step 4: Watch the Sight Glass

Once the sight glass is clear, turn off the pool pump and set the multiport valve to rinse. Run the pump for about 30 seconds to clear out any remaining debris.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Repeat the backwashing and rinsing process until the water in the sight glass appears clear and clean. This may take several cycles, but it is essential to ensure that your pool is properly cleaned.

Step 6: Return to Filter

Finally, return the multiport valve to the filter position, and turn your pool pump back on. Your pool should now be clean and ready for use.

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