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Craft Beer and the American Revolution: A Historical Perspective

Posted on 2023-04-13 17:06:25 by iNF
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Craft Beer and the American Revolution: A Historical Perspective

The American Revolution is a key moment in the nation's history, but few know about the role that beer played in it. From the founding fathers' appreciation for the drink to the use of beer as currency, it's clear that craft beer was entwined with America's past.

The Role of Beer in Colonial Society

Colonial society relied heavily on beer for sustenance as it was often safer to drink than water. Every household would brew their own beer, and it quickly became a staple in the American diet. The first commercial brewery in America was established in Manhattan in 1632, and many more followed suit.

Beer as Currency During the Revolution

During the Revolution, beer became a unit of currency as soldiers were often paid in it. It was also used to supply troops and as a source of payment for goods and services. It's hard to overstate the importance of beer in keeping the troops hydrated and their spirits lifted during the war.

The Boston Beer Party

In 1773, a group of colonists led by Samuel Adams threw a party that would change history forever – the Boston Beer Party. Inspired by the protest against tea taxes, they dumped a shipment of imported beer into the harbor as an act of rebellion. This event was a precursor to the Boston Tea Party and a symbol of resistance that helped spur the Revolution.

Beer and the Founding Fathers

Beer was also an important part of the lives of the founding fathers. George Washington, for example, was a brewer himself and often served his own beer to guests. Benjamin Franklin was known to have enjoyed beer, and Thomas Jefferson wrote about the benefits of brewing at home.


Craft beer, then, has a deep history in America and was integral in shaping the nation we know today. From beer as currency to rebellious acts against imported brews, this drink has had a lasting impact on American society and culture.

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