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Breaking Down the Hottest Interior Design Trends of 2021

Posted on 2023-01-28 04:00:27 by iNF
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Breaking Down the Hottest Interior Design Trends of 2021

When it comes to home decor, 2021 promises to be an exciting year. With the new decade has come an increased interest in bold designs that push boundaries, while still maintaining a sense of comfort and coziness. Whether you're looking to update your living room, revamp your bedroom, or even renovate your entire home, it's worth considering some of the top interior design trends of the year. Take a look at our breakdown of the hottest home decor trends you need to know for 2021.

More is More: The Rise of Maximalism

If the past few years have been all about minimalism and decluttering, 2021 is set to see a resurgence of maximalism. This means more bold colors, more patterns, and more textures. Think eclectic spaces filled with unique artwork and accessories, as well as bold statement pieces of furniture. The key to successfully pulling off a maximalist style is to play with a variety of textures and materials, while still creating a sense of balance within the space. Don't be afraid to mix and match!

Greener than Ever: Embracing Eco-Friendly Designs

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, so too does the world of interior design. Expect to see more sustainable and eco-friendly designs in 2021. From recycled materials to furniture made from sustainable sources, there are plenty of ways to incorporate more eco-consciousness into your home. Biophilic designs will also be big this year - these designs are centered around the idea of bringing the outdoors in, and may include plenty of natural light, houseplants, and natural materials.

Minimalism is Here to Stay

Minimalism may have dominated the past decade, but it's not going anywhere in 2021. However, this year's take on minimalism is all about creating a sense of warmth and comfort within a space. This means using texture and natural materials to add depth to a room, rather than relying solely on clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme. Think cozy minimalist spaces with plenty of soft, inviting textures.

Retro Glamour: A Nod to the Past

If you're a fan of vintage styles, 2021 is the year for you. Retro glamour is set to make a comeback, with bold, statement-making furniture and accessories that hark back to bygone eras. Think jewel tones, brass accents, and plush fabrics like velvet and suede. This trend is all about creating a sense of nostalgia and glamour, while still maintaining a modern edge.

Back to Nature: Biophilic Designs Take Over

Biophilic design is set to be huge in 2021, with a focus on bringing the outdoors in. This means plenty of natural light, houseplants, and natural materials like wood and stone. Biophilic designs are all about creating a sense of calm and tranquility within a space, and can be achieved through simple additions like potted plants or a stone accent wall.

And there you have it - the top interior design trends for 2021. From maximalism to eco-consciousness to biophilic designs and more, there's no shortage of exciting new styles to explore this year. Whether you're looking to make a major renovation or simply want to update your home decor, take inspiration from these trends and create a space that's uniquely you.

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