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10 Best Ideas for Budget Travelers to Explore Europe

Posted on 2023-01-21 07:04:08 by iNF
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10 Best Ideas for Budget Travelers to Explore Europe

Europe is a continent filled with beauty, culture, and history. However, traveling to Europe can be an expensive affair. The high cost of accommodations, transportation, food and dining, and tourist attractions can put a dent in your finances. But, don't despair! There are ways to explore Europe on a budget, without sacrificing the quality of your travel experience. In this article, we are going to share the top 10 best ideas for budget travelers to explore Europe.


Accommodation is the biggest expense for travelers, but you can save significantly by choosing affordable accommodations. You can choose hostels, guesthouses or even rent apartments for the duration of your stay. Hostels are the most popular among budget travelers. There are many hostels that offer decent and comfortable rooms with all the basic amenities. You can also use online booking sites like Airbnb,, and to find the best deals.


Transportation is another big expense for travelers but there are many ways to save on transportation expenses. The best way is to use public transportation. Most of the European countries have a good network of buses, trains, and metros, which are affordable and efficient. You can also use car-sharing services like BlaBlaCar if you are traveling in a group. They offer shared rides with other travelers, which can significantly reduce transportation costs.

Food and Dining

Food and dining can be another big expense, especially if you choose to eat at restaurants for every meal. But, there are ways to save on food expenses. You can cook your meals at hostels or guesthouses if they have a kitchen. You can also buy food from local supermarkets, street markets or food stalls. They offer fresh and delicious food at affordable prices.

Free Experiences

Europe offers many free experiences that you should take advantage of. You can visit museums, historical sites, and cultural landmarks that offer free admission. You can also participate in free walking tours that are organized in major cities. They are a great way to explore the city and learn more about the local history and culture. In addition to these, there are also free concerts, festivals, and events that you can attend.

Affordable Tourist Attractions

Europe has many tourist attractions that can put a dent in your finances, but there are also many affordable tourist attractions that are worth visiting. You can buy a city pass that gives you access to multiple attractions at a discounted price. You can also visit places that are on the outskirts of the city, as they generally offer cheaper entrance fees. You can also plan your visit during the offseason when there are fewer tourists and lower prices.

In conclusion, exploring Europe on a budget is not impossible. With the right planning and mindset, you can make the most of your travel experience without breaking the bank. You can save significantly on accommodations, transportation, food and dining, and tourist attractions by following the tips mentioned above. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on an affordable and memorable adventure.

As a final tip, always remember to research extensively before your trip, and don't be afraid to ask locals for advice on affordable options.

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